After a booming start at the beginning of 2009,
Titter has become one of the world\'s leading casual gaming entertainment sites for girls and female gamers.

Last month we had over 2.500.000 unique visitors staying for nearly 10 minutes on our site.
We expect to have a further growth in the time to come. On www.Alexa.com you can check our worldwide ranking.

Titter produces its own games and publishes a new game every week. Besides a unique and constantly updated games content and a little gossip, we offer premium branding and media-rich opportunities for advertisers in a safe and monitored environment.

There are advertisement opportunities on the site as well as in our games. It is possible to put your own ad into one of our games.
If you are interested in using Titter.com for your advertisement, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For further information on our advertising, sponsorship and viral campaign opportunities, please contact

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